Irradiant Designs

Luminous Tritium Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

If tritium is radioactive, aren't tritium vials dangerous?

No. Tritium emits low energy beta radiation (electrons) that cannot penetrate human skin. See my article on tritium for more information. I have tested several tritium vials with my Geiger counter (GMC 320 plus) and could not detect any increase in ionizing radiation (includes beta, x-ray, and gamma radiation). The only risk my pieces pose is a choking hazard to small children (like any other small object).

How durable are your designs?

I design pieces that are not only elegant but also structurally stable. The caps on each piece are secured with epoxy. I would not suggest dropping my designs from great heights, as the seal can break if extreme force is applied. In conclusion, treat my designs like you would any other piece of jewelry.

How should I clean my pendant, earring, etc.?

I would recommend using a non-abrasive cloth with soap and water. For sterling silver pieces, silver polish can be used to remove oxidation.

Are your designs waterproof?

Yes. Every item I offer is waterproof and will not rust. I have swam many times while wearing my jewelry. I even tested one pendant while snorkeling off the coast of Hawaii.